What is a Short Sale?

Short Sales Explained A Short Sale is an alternative to foreclosure.  The housing market is starting to rebound in 2012, however there are still many distressed properties in our local Clemmons and Winston-Salem area housing inventory.  Many of those distressed properties are foreclosures, and in our current economy, there are still lots of homeowners who […]

What Is A Final Walk Through Inspection?

Should New Home Buyers Do A Final Walk Through Inspection? You are so excited that you can hardly stand it! Your real estate closing is happening soon, and then you’ll be moving into your brand new home. You’ll be starting a new chapter in your life, and begin making new memories with your family. But […]

Home Prices Are Moving UP

Home Prices Moving Up Real Estate analysts predict an increase of 4% per year for U.S. Home Prices over the next 5 years Home Prices are set to rebound It’s not a secret that the housing market has been hit hard over the last few years. Home prices have fallen nationwide over 30% since 2006. […]

Is Mold in Homes Dangerous?

The Danger of Mold in Your Home Things You Need to Know About Mold in Your House:   There’s been more talk about the seriousness of mold in homes the last few years including alerts from medical professionals and a large number of lawsuits against landlords, employers, and insurers. The medical and legal communities are […]

Buying vs. Renting a Home

Should I Buy or Rent? Buying versus Renting a Home:   I often get asked the question, “should I buy or rent a home?” While the answer depends on your financial situation, there is also a real estate formula that can be used to help determine if it’s better to buy or rent your next […]