Apple Watch Does Not Come on with Wrist Raise

Why is My Apple Watch Not Turning on When I Raise My Wrist?
Apple Watch Screen Showing Apps on Wrist

Have you experienced your Apple Watch screen not turning on when you raise your wrist? These simple steps will help you solve this issue quickly.

Check for Theater Mode

Theater Mode Apple Watch Control Center

I’m a new Apple Watch user and had this problem recently. It was starting to drive me crazy! I thought it might have been the band/cover I was using. I finally discovered I had it in “Theater Mode”. Doh! If you see the the happy and sad face , otherwise known as “Comedy and Tragedy” and a symbol for theatre or acting or drama taken from Greek Mythology, you’re in theater mode. When in Theater Mode, you will feel your notifications with a vibration, but you won’t get the visual alerts. It’s a very simple fix.

  1. Scroll up from your Watch Home Screen to open Control Center.
  2. Look for the Theater Logo. If it’s orange, you are in Theater Mode. Click on the logo to turn off/on. Well, now we know!

Other Items to Check

  • Check for Software Updates on your iPhone.
  • Check for software updates on your Apple Watch.
  • Check the Watch App on your iPhone may sure Wrist Detection is on. (My Watch (tab) > General > Wrist Detection – turn on)

If those don’t work, you can find more solutions on this post on the Apple Communities site.
Apple Watch does not come on when wrist is raised

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