What’s a Lifestyle Blog?

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I’ve had the TonyRGreen site for awhile, but haven’t been posting actively. But that’s about to change. I’m going to start using the site as a Lifestyle Blog. Well, you may be wondering, “Tony, what the heck is that?” Well, a Lifestyle Blog is basically a blog about whatever interests the blogger has.

“A lifestyle blog is best defined as a digital content representation of its author’s everyday life and interests. A lifestyle blogger creates content inspired and curated by their personal interests and daily activities.” (From MediaKix)

What’s My Lifestyle?

So why would you want to follow my blog? Well, I do have a lot of interests, so you will definitely get a variety of topics. However, here are the main ones.

Real Estate

Yes, I’m a real estate professional, so you’ll get a lot about real estate here. Whether you’re buying or selling a home, have questions about an appraisal, investing in real estate, flipping a house, design ideas, DIY home projects, you’ll find many of those topics here.

Family Guy

I’ve been married almost 29 years! I know, that’s surprising because most marriages don’t last that long, and I don’t look much older than that. My wife and I married at 10 years old, so do the math 🙂 I won’t say it’s been easy, and we’ve been through more than one challenging season, but it’s definitely worth it. She’s my better half! We wouldn’t be where we are without our faith in the one true God, our Savior Jesus Christ, and guidance from the Holy Spirit.


I bought my first Jeep just a few years ago and got the bug. Now, I’ve owned 4 different Jeeps, so I guess you could call me a Jeepneck. As a matter of fact, you’ll find Jeepnecks on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. So if you’re into Jeeps, connect with me @jeepnecks (twitter and instagram) and @jeepneck (instagram),  like our page on facebook and check out the website at jeepnecks.com.


I’ve always been into sports. I guess part of the reason was my dad liked sports.  I can remember buying baseball cards when I was four or five years old at the little country store across from our house in Crouse, NC.  As an only child, I had to entertain myself.  No matter what season it was, you could find a ball in my hand. But I’m kind of old school: football, basketball, baseball…no soccer.

On a side note, I still don’t understand the rules of soccer. But I do like to hear them say “GOOOOOOAAAAALLLLL!!!”.  Problem is, they don’t say it enough.

Baseball was my favorite growing up, because that’s what I was best at. And I still can’t give it up as I play church league softball fall and spring (much to my wife’s chagrin!). So you’ll see some posts on sports for sure.

North Carolina Travel

My wife and I enjoy traveling, but we haven’t traveled much of the world. However, I believe we live in one of the most awesome parts of the world here in North Carolina. It’s a beautiful state with mountains in the western section, beaches on the eastern side, and lots of beauty in between. I love to be outside and just soak up the beauty of God’s creation. And I’m pretty sure North Carolina is one of His favorite places on earth!


I’m kind of a closet geek I guess. I should come out of the closet since Geeks run the world!  Anyway, I’m not super nerdy ha, but I know a little about most things tech.  Nevertheless, you’ll definitely get a fill of technology posts here.


I’m not sure how it all came about, but I remember in high school wanting to be a business owner. My dad was a pastor, and my mom was a school cafeteria manager, so it definitely wasn’t from them.  Entrepreneurship is a little like marriage. It’s not easy, but if you can get through the hard times, it’s worth it! My heart is to help those who want to be business owners be successful and grow.


Who doesn’t like to laugh? If you don’t, then stick around awhile. You’ll be loving life and laughing before you know it. You know laughing is kind of like milk, “it does a body good!”.

And like James 1:2 says:

Consider it all joy, my brothers, when you encounter various trials, for you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. And let perseverance be perfect, so that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.

I don’t know about you, but I want to be complete, lacking nothing.

Your Comments

Your comments are always welcome, so please comment below. Let me know what topics you would like to see related to these areas, and I’ll do my best to post on those.  That’s all for now folks!



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Tony Green is a real estate broker, REALTOR, and Certified General Appraiser licensed in North Carolina. He earned his BSBA in Finance and Real Estate from Appalachian State University (Hey University of Michigan! Remember those Mountaineers???). He's a father to four girls, husband and follower of Christ. He's crazy in love with his wife of 28+ years, Kim, and hoping she'll keep him around for another 50 years or so. Tony is also a big sports fan who loves the Carolina Panthers, UNC Tarheels, NY Yankees and Atlanta Braves. Not to mention he hates the BoSux and dook, but thinks it's awesome they're part of the 2 best rivalries in sports.